Viewnodes is powered by Viewfin - the creators of Mainland China's first proof-of-work public blockchain and one of the country's most visionary fintech companies. Viewnodes provides one-stop solutions for customers seeking to acquire constant dividend income by deploying masternodes, staking or delegating.  Our Tezos staking node is the most efficient baker in China and top 25 in the world according to MyTezosBaker.

What we do

Viewnodes creates and maintains reward-earning nodes across a variety of public blockchains. With the first generation of blockchains, mining with energy-intensive algorithms on powerful computers was the only way to produce passive income. Today, however, many blockchains adopt different methods of producing blocks or securing their network. These methods, including staking and the use of Masternodes, are less resource-demanding, and do not require large hardware setup costs.

Viewnodes supports delegated staking on the Tezos blockchain, as well as Masternodes on Dash and staking nodes on Metaverse ETP. We handle all aspects of setup and maintenence on the nodes themselves. Viewnodes explores and leverages the best masternode options available at present, and we anticipate many more cryptoasset projects adopting these services. We also endeavor to support new proof-of-stake currencies as they emerge.

We leverage a sophisticated IT infrastructure and network, multi-layered redundancy and failover arrangements hosted in cloud services to ensure minimal down-time and lost productivity. Our support teams are 100% focused on helping our clients optimize their earning capacity and achieve their strategic goals. To arrange these services, please use the Contact Us button at the top of the page.

Our Vision

We strive to identify and take advantage of passive income opportunities through blockchain innovations. These opportunities are no longer limited to those with technical experience on one end or institutional investors on the other - Viewnodes brings them to everybody.

Our Mission

Viewnodes’ mission is to empower its retail and institutional customers to take control of their finances while diversifying their positions using digital assets and earning  steady returns. This means that token valuation is no longer the only way to grow your investment.

How our node service works

You choose the passive income method that suits you and the investment you would like to make. We provide information on each asset to help guide you in this process.

With your investment, Viewnodes creates the node selected, ensuring it is operational and efficient.

The node is operational 24/7, 365 days a year. It will generate tokens constantly - by staking or by performing Masternode tasks like facilitating instant transactions.

We return these rewards to you on a set schedule. You can close the node at any time, and we will return the token investment to you.