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About dash

Founded in 2014 as a hard-fork of the Bitcoin protocol, Dash has implemented some of the most innovative blockchain features by utilizing Masternodes - nodes which perform features other than block validation.

Masternode Governance

The collateral required to establish a Masternode is aimed at ensuring participants remain invested in the future of the platform and operate in its best interests. Dash block rewards are split 3 ways: 45% to miners, 45% to Masternodes and 10% to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Masternodes vote on budgets for the DAO, deciding on the hiring of contractors or developers, creating new applications, promotion avenues and more. 


Dash’s unique selling point is its speed relative to Bitcoin and other crypto assets in general. Dash blocks are created every 2.5 minutes, compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minute block rate, and as a result it is four times faster in processing payments. Masternodes go even further than this, allowing for a feature called InstantSend (formerly InstantX), which will process a transaction in 1.5 seconds while still preventing double-spend issues by locking the specific transaction from any further processes until a full block is completed.


Dash has a comprehensive privacy feature called PrivateSend (previously DarkSend), which also makes use of masternodes. In this feature, an individual sends funds to a masternode which breaks it into denominations, and mixes it with the denominations of others also using PrivateSend, before sending it back to a “change address” the user controls, from where he or she can send the funds. It is the existence of PrivateSend which has led Dash to be called “selectively fungible” as one can send mixed or unmixed coins based on preference, for example if a vendor will not accept funds that have used PrivateSend in the past.