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Metaverse was mainland China's first proof-of-work blockchain, now running a hybrid consensus 

incorporating proof-of-stake.





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About metaverse

Since its Pillars of Creation update in February 2019, Metaverse incorporated a roughly 90/10 ratio between mining by PoW and PoS respectively. This increased security and opened new opportunities for passive income through staking.

Metaverse Smart Tokens

Similar to the ERC20 standard, Metaverse Smart Token allows organizations or individuals to create digital assets of their own with flexibility. Pillars of Creation also introduced MST mining, wherein miners can elect to receive one MST token of their choice with their block rewards.

Digital Identities 


Avatars are on-chain identities linked to Metaverse wallets. These allow transactions to be sent to Avatars, easily memorable usernames as opposed to long hexadecimal wallet addresses as is standard in other currencies. This is designed to improve convenience and prevent token loss. 



Metaverse lays the foundation for real-world data feeds, with intermediary oracles bringing information of value like stock market prices or sports results on-chain.